As one of the oldest and most participated in and watched sports globally, Artistic Gymnastics will captivate the audience with endless skill, power, flexibility and almost ‘flight-like routines!

The Men compete in six events and the Women compete in four, each in a specific ‘Olympic order’, as follows:

For male gymnastsFor female gymnasts
1) Floor exercise1) Vault
2) Pommel horse2) Uneven Bars
3) Still rings3) Balance beam
4) Vault4) Floor exercise
5) Parallel Bars
6) Horizontal Bar


Scoring for each event is based on the degree of difficulty, presentation skills, execution and precise movements.

A few interesting things to know:

  • The Balance bean is only 10cm wide. Could you even walk along with it never mind somersault?
  • In rings, at least one static strength move is required, but some gymnasts include two or three. Let’s start with a pull-up, shall we!
  • At 4’8” Simone Biles can reach nearly twice her height (9’4”) during her floor routine. That is higher than 9 boxes of cornflakes stacked on top of each other, wow!
  • The Olympics starts on the 23rd of July, with the Artistic Gymnastics competition starting the following day. You can view the full schedule here Artistic Gymnastics Schedule.