AirTrack AirBox


Because of the easily adjusted pressure, children can learn the Pegasus jumps without fear

Inflation of the AirBox only takes 2 minutes

Adjusting the height of the AirBox or the pressure of the individual mats is just a matter of seconds

The Airbox fits perfectly on our AirTrack P2 or AirTrack P3 but can also be used as stand-alone equipment

The AirBox can be placed on any floor

The required blower is very light

No noise during training because continuous inflation is not required

After inflation, the AirBox will maintain its pressure for hours, refill only takes seconds

Easily portable from gym to gym

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The AirBox is the perfect replacement for multiple pieces of gymnastic equipment, including a vault box, catching and landing mats and the Pegasus. It consists of 3 AirTracks that are 30cm high and can be installed easily within two minutes.

Mounting kits are available to secure the AirBox to your existing tracks or AirFloor, but these are sold separately.


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