AirTrack AirFloor Home


Available in pink or blue

AirFloor Home measures 3m x 1m x 10cm

AirFloor Home XL measures 5m x 1m x 10cm

Part of the AirTrack Training Set

Very lightweight and easy to move around

Requires a foot pump or OV10 blower (not included)

Complies to REACH regulations

2-year warranty on manufacturing faults

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The AirFloor Home is the perfect product to perfect skills safely at home or in the gym. It’s also easily transported, so you can literally take your training anywhere you choose (even on holiday this summer!). This AirTrack Factor product is without question our most popular home use product. Kids love to tumble, so who wouldn’t give them an air track mat to tumble safely on. The soft take-off and landing help protect their joints and makes repetition easier, helping them to level up.


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