AirTrack AirIncline Set

£3,885.00 (inc. VAT £4,662.00)

5.5m x 2m AirFloor

2m x 2m P3 AirTrack

AirIncline 5m x 2m x 1.1-0.2m

Transport bag

OV10 Blower and Hikoki Blowers

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AirIncline Set (complete set = AirFloor 5.5x2x0.1m + AirTrack P3 2x2x0.33m + AirTriangle 5x2x1.1-0.2m + OV10 and Hitachi blowers)

The AirTrack Factory AirIncline XL is extremely suitable for high-level gymnasts. Due to the soft but high takeoff, athletes can gain speed and increase repetition. No run-up is needed, so far less energy is used in training.


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