AirTrack Training Set


Available in pink or blue!

1 x AirBoard’s (60 x 100 x 10cm)

1x AirBlock (60 x 100 x 20cm)

1x AirFloor (300 x 100 x 10cm)

1x AirRoll (60 x 120cm)

The home use set does not include an AirRoll.

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AirTrack Factory has recently developed a very affordable set of inflatable training mats for both gym and home use. The training set comprises of three mats and an AirRoll, which provides an unlimited number of different training variations. Their compact sizes allow you to just pick a spot and start training! This piece of kit is proving very popular for many disciplines.

Thanks to sturdy Velcro, the mats are held in place to prevent movement while training.

Gymnastics & Cheer – The set works perfectly for all floor exercises and all tumbling passes. Stack the AirBoards and AirBlock using the Velcro connectors and create endless training variations. Use the AirBoard as a springboard and the AirRoll for balance exercises or learning flips.

Martial Arts & Stunts – Training activities reach another level with the AirFloor. Individual pressure adjustments make balance exercises more effective.

Senior Gym – Fall prevention exercises for all levels due to individual pressure adjustments.

Fitness – Exercises become more effective due to the individual pressure adjustments.

Physiotherapy – More than 50% impact reduction provides physiotherapists unique equipment for training injured and recovering patients.

Inflation – Choose an OV10 blower for quicker inflation. For inflation on the move select a foot pump.


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