Alice Kinsella, Adjustable Beam + Folding Mat


Adjustable Balance Beam

  • Approved and endorsed by Olympic Gymnast Alice Kinsella
  • Solid construction, non-slip feet for a sturdy, safe and reliable beam suitable for all levels.
  • Padded wood beam with suede cover for a professional finish.
  • Adjustable heights as your gymnast perfect their moves and gain more confidence.
  • Beam length 250cm, top width 10cm, height 16cm.
  • Adjustable from 45cm – 60cm.
  • Weight 15kg.

Folding Safety Mat

  • 2.44m x 1.22m x 50mm
  • 3.05m x 1.22m x 50mm
  • Heavy Duty PVC with anti-slip base (if required)
  • Weight 10kg-12kg
  • Available in Pink and purple and Light grey and purple

The adjustable balance beam is perfect for your budding Gymnasts to perfect their skills whilst practising at home.

The foldable mat provides safety and reassurance for any mistimed skills.

The mat comes in two different lengths and is great for doubling up as a tumble and training mat.


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