Alice Kinsella, Foam Balance Beam + Folding Mat


Folding Balance Beam

  • Approved and endorsed by Olympic Gymnast Alice Kinsella
  • Made from high-density PE Foam
  • Heavy-duty flame-retardant PVC Cover
  • Size: 200cm long x 20cm (base), 10cm (top) x 10cm high
  • Available in Light Grey or Pink

Folding Mat

  • 2.44m x 1.22m x 50mm
  • Heavy Duty PVC with anti-slip base (if required)
  • Weight 10kg-12kg
  • Available in Pink and purple and Light grey and purple

The AK range, foldable Balance beam and folding mat are perfect for beginners.

Helps build confidence and perfect newfound skills as your Gymnast develops their strength, coordination and balance to be able to progress to higher beams like our Alice Kinsella, adjustable height balance beam.

Both the mat and the beam come with Alice’s own unique signature to inspire your budding gymnasts.


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