Promat Foldable Inclined Wedge


Designed for Gymnastics, Pilates and Yoga exercises

Assists with gymnastic moves including rolls, handstand, cartwheels, handsprings and backflips

Hook and loop connectors to keep the incline fastened shut when folded closed

For Gym and home training

Made from high-density PU Foam

Heavy-duty flame-retardant PVC Cover

Comes with carrying handles for easier transportation

Sizes: Small 180m x 90cm x 40cm (90cm x 90cm x 40cm when folded), large 180cm x 120cm x 40cm (90cm x 120cm x 40cm when folded)

Colour: Small Red Top & Bottom, Yellow sides, Large Blue Top & Bottom, Yellow Sides

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The Promat™ Foldable Inclined Wedge is very stable so is able to support your balance, it’s designed to help develop gymnastic skills and moves. The wedge has a hook and loop connectors which allows you to fasten it shut, the side carry handles allow you to move the wedge around the space being used with ease.

All our wedges are made from a high density, shock-absorbing PU foam which is wrapped in a heavy-duty, flame retardant PVC cover for durability.


When unfolded the wedge aids in developing downhill tumbling, and back handsprings. Once folded the wedge doubles up to become a firm block and can be used for spotting and also makes it compacted for storage.


  • Small 180m x 90cm x 40cm (90cm x 90cm x 40cm when folded)
  • Large 180cm x 120cm x 40cm (90cm x 120cm x 40cm when folded)

1 review for Promat Foldable Inclined Wedge

  1. Candy Lakin

    This product is sturdy enough to stand on as cx a spotting block.
    Fantastic for use on fast tracks or tumble to help handspring backflip preparations
    Made to a great quality.
    It’s use is multi purpose with many gymnastic skills for all ages progressing from this equipment

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