Promat Parkour Crash Mat


Designed for safety when landing

Ideal for Freestyle Gymnastics, Parkour and Free-Running

Heavy-Duty flame-retardant PVC Cover

Wipeable and easy clean

Carry handles for easy transport

2.44mx 1.37m x 200mm

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The Promat™ Parkour Crash Mat is to increase safety when landing, this product can aid when using our other products such as the 3-section vault box and wide wedge block to offer a safer landing. Carrying handles makes the transportation of this mat simple,  also our landing mats are produced utilizing a high-density PU foam.


The Promat™ Parkour Crash Mat is perfect for Freestyle Gymnastics as well as Parkour safety to utilise for your Freestyle, tricking, free-running and Parkour classes.

Size and Colours

Size: 2.44mx 1.37m x 200mm



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