Promat Ninja Steps (Set of 2)


Come as a set to be used individually or can be attached together

Creates an obstacle course allowing you to get from one place to another without touching the ground

Ideal for Freestyle Gymnastics, Parkour, Free-Running

Hook and loop connectors for use with Carpet-Bonded Foam

Heavy-Duty flame-retardant PVC Cover

Wipeable and easy clean

65cm long x 65cm wide x 70cm high

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The Promat™ Parkour Ninja Steps come as a pair, they’re intended to test individuals to dash from one foot to the next at speed, giving a one of a kind experience to obstacles and free-run set-ups.

The Ninja Steps are made using a high-density PU foam and are configurable which allows you to design different and exciting obstacle courses, the hook and loop connectors on the bottom are so you can securely attach them to a carpet bonded foam surface so that they remain stable when being pushed away from at speed with force.


The Promat™ Parkour Ninja Steps are immensely popular for beginners in free-running, parkour and most commonly known for Ninja obstacle courses. If you wish you can use the Ninja Steps for your preschool and lower-level classes in addition to your parkour classes.

Size and Colours

65cm long x 65cm wide x 70cm high



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