Gymnastics Bars

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Here at Gymnastics Direct, we have a variety of gymnastic bars available for use in both training and organised competitions. Our range of gymnastic bars is suitable for use by both adult and junior gymnasts. We offer a comprehensive selection of gymnastic bars, including high bars, parallel bars, and uneven bars. So, whether you are looking for gymnastic bars as a training aid or to use in a competitive environment, we have a wide range of quality products available to you.

Gymnastic Bars For Clubs & Competition

With our wide selection of gymnastic bars, we cater to a broad group of customers. Whether you run a gymnastics club, are an individual athlete looking for training bars or a school or college looking for quality gymnastic apparatus, we can help.
All our top quality gymnastic bars have been approved for use in accredited competitions. We can provide a comprehensive array of apparatus for use by both adults and children in organised competition.

Are Gymnastic Bars Available to Purchase Online?

We think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all your gymnastics equipment. We aim to give you access to a complete range of quality equipment at the touch of a button. All you need to do is select your product from the drop-down boxes and add it to your cart, it couldn’t be easier. Using our online facility makes purchasing gymnastic bars a straightforward process.

Can You Deliver Gymnastic Bars?

We offer fast UK wide delivery on all our products. This means having ordered your product online it will be quickly dispatched to the address specified. However, if you have any special requirements for delivery give our friendly team a quick call, they will be only too happy to help.

Do You Sell Other Equipment Besides Gymnastics Bars?

We are the sole UK distributor for Taishan Sports who are industry-leading manufacturers of FIG approved gymnastics equipment. Along with our gymnastic bars, we have a comprehensive range of apparatus that covers both artistic and strength-based events. So if you are looking for a specific piece of apparatus, such as a balance beam or pommel horse, we’ve got you covered.